Re-launch of Blog!

19th of June, 2012 01:12 PM

Today I decided to re-launch my blog and make some critical updates to the underlying website to better make it work long term. I hope you enjoy it!

The blog

As I have lately been active in the DerbyJS community (a full stack framework for writing NodeJS web pages/applications) and there have been more and more requests to create tutorials and what not about Derby, I decided to re-launch my blog today. To start off, I will try to get the time to write some entries about Derby, so check back for that.  However, the blog will cover anything development related, as development always been a great passion of mine. I will mostly focus on web development, but once in a while you'll be able to find a post about business development, personel development, or whatever runs through my head.

Looking for someone to do work for you?

Then feel free to check out the rest of the site and get a feeling for who I am, what I can do, what I have done, etcetera. I am always open for interesting opportunities, especially in the areas of IT and/or management. You can find my contact information at the bottom of this website or by going to the Contact Me page. In case you are interested in getting help with web development, be sure to also check out B&B Web, my web development firm.

I hope you like the website and enjoy the tile-browsing experience!

The Weblog

Carl-Johan Blomqvist